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White Anti-Racism: No Hairshirt Necessary

Constructively Criticising Constructive Criticism of Animal Rights/Welfare Movement

An article titled Five Fatal Flaws of Animal Activism caught my eye. With my earlier post about the mainstream promotion (or lack thereof) of veganism/vegetarianism in mind, I hoped one of the 5 flaws would be the lack of attention and lack of effective/appealing promotion to low-income families and to black Americans. I’m shocked that this idea didn’t make the list. For the shared goals of the animal rights and animal welfare movements  to be met, or even just approached, the movements will need to gain traction with people who make food choices based on cost, convenience and habit, with the people who constitue the majority of the country.

Oh well. At least the article slammed PETA for its monotonous naked lady ads…2. One of the world’s largest animal rights organisations routinely employs naked young women, including porn stars, to chase mass media attention. Would a human rights organisation stoop so low?

Ugh! SO tired of those ads. I believe in shock value, I know ‘sex sells’, and I’m not even considerably more offended by the PETA ads than I am by other naked lady ads. That said, I find it astonishing that PETA– a progressive organization whose goals are appealing for so many reasons, and whose supporters are hollywood connected and media-savy– can’t come up with something new. I need to see some ads that don’t feed on peoples’ desires to be sexy and popular. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I don’t think anyone becomes vegetarian just to be popular.

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  1. Ben says:

    Isn’t it likely that PETA does in fact produce many non-naked-lady ad campaigns, but that we don’t hear about or discuss them because they don’t feature naked ladies, thus validating their tactic of frequently featuring naked ladies in their ads? A few seconds on their website revealed a great “Spay your dog” campaign featuring noted crazy person/NBA shooting guard/apparent Bob Barker acolyte Ron Artest and his Pit Bull ( No naked ladies to be seen.

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