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White Anti-Racism: No Hairshirt Necessary

Mumia’s 2008 ‘win’ reversed by Supreme Court

From Huffington Post

Having lived in Philadelphia all my life, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take an objective stance on this case. Any thoughts on Mumia’s case being compared to the precedent neo-Nazi killer case mentioned in the article? I’ll post more later, but have to go to work!!

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  1. MsLucie says:

    hey lady–

    this is sort of apropos of nothing, but i thought this might interest you. Grada Kilomba wrote a book called “Plantation Memories”–i had some bones to pick with it, but overall she’s super smart and has a lot to say. this is an interview with her where she touches on a number of issues that I think you’ve been concerned with–most especially perhaps what it means to recognize the smaller, more insidious manifestations of racism as they occur in everyday life. the interview starts off a little slowly–and the reporter is a bit wonky if you ask me–but its definitely worth a listen.

    [audio src="" /]

    congratulations on getting the blog off the ground! x

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