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White Anti-Racism: No Hairshirt Necessary

“Do You Listen to Jimmy Buffet Records?”

“Because if so, you’re white.”

From The Colbert Report Interview with Nell Irvin Painter, 3/17/2010. 4:40/5:10

I’ll venture to say that this is one of the truer race-based assumptions out there. Now of course, one’s whiteness DOES NOT imply a fondness for Buffet. (Come on! I don’t have that low of an opinion white people.) I just cannot think of any black person I know in any capacity that likes or would like Jimmy Buffet. I don’t even want to make this a moral or political issue–although of course if it is a racial issue situated in America, it’s likely that it is such an issue. But, if it made any sense at all to bet money on this, I would bet that it is the most a priori of truths that if you like Jimmy Buffet, you are white. (yikes! Guess I need to re-up on my yearly Quine intake!)

Tonight’s interview on the Colbert Report is with Nell Irvin about her book The History of White People. It’s not a particularly challenging or substantive interview, although it is hilarious. I think I’ll buy Irvin’s book though. I’m interested to see if her book presents a new attitude towards whiteness studies–an area of study I’ve criticized in the past.


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