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White Anti-Racism: No Hairshirt Necessary

On the potential of color talk

“Why you and Ms. Shannon both light-skinned?” asked Alicia (not her real name) last Wednesday. Shannon is one of my employees. I’m white and she’s black. Not only that, I’m about as white as white can be– Irish descent, fair skin that sunburns in minutes, bright blue eyes, dirty blond hair (currently dyed brunette). Shannon has light/medium brown skin and dark brown African American hair. I think some would say she’s light-skinned and others wouldn’t. But, there’s really no need to examine our skin shades further; the point is that while Shannon and I may have any number of things in common, skin color is just not one of them.

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Hello Readers!
I’m sorry the blog has been dead for a week or two. Over Spring break– last week– I worked super long hours. It was actually rather fun, and a number of thought-provoking things arose at work, home and in the news. Unfortunately, having only 2.5 hours between getting home from work and going to bed, my productivity sank to a woeful 2%. But I’m back! Rejoice! JK. Here goes blogging again!

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