Sans Cilice


White Anti-Racism: No Hairshirt Necessary

What is a cilice?

“The term cilice traditionally refers to the hairshirt, a garment or undergarment made of coarse cloth or animal hair. The word is pronounced “SILL-iss” (IPA /’sɪlɪs/), and derives from the Latin cilicium, a covering made of goat’s hair from Cilicia, a Roman province in south-east Asia Minor. Such garments were worn at various times in the history of the Christian faith, for the purposes of the mortification of the flesh. Saints and monks are often reported to have worn one, and rich men sometimes wore one under their fine clothes as penance for adorning themselves, something some people believe to be forbidden in the Bible,…” (quoted from on 01/10/2010)

"Ack! It's so itchy and uncomfortable ! Wearing it will definitely help me to focus on others instead of myself!"


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